How to care for fur clothes

  • 07 May 2019

How to care for clothes made of fur.

If you have clothes made of natural fur or any clothes trimmed with animal fur, you should especially carefully follow the rules of care and storage.

Daily Care Tips:

• Your fur coat should always be hung on a wide, sturdy, soft-lined hanger so that your shoulders do not lose their shape. The neck of the hanger must be long enough so that the collar of the product does not fall on the hanger.

• Do not hang fur in a bag, bag for clothes or in a plastic bag that does not breathe. The fur needs air circulation so that the skin does not dry out or crack. Choose a cotton case or a spunbond case so that the dust does not fall on the fur and at the same time the fur breathes.

• Do not leave jewelry attached to your fur coat, as it may nail the fur.

• When wearing their fur garments, do not carry a bag over your shoulder, because it can wash the fur and leave balding.

• Wearing a scarf around your neck will prevent contamination of the fur collar from makeup.

• If you sit for a long period of time, you better remove the fur coat so as not to pinch the fur.

• If you have a hat made of natural fur, be especially careful that it does not get wet much, otherwise it may lose its shape.


If you are exposed to light rain or snow, just shake out the fur and remove as much water as possible. Hang it to dry in a well-ventilated area. Do not use a hair dryer, clothes dryer or any heating appliances. After the product dries, shake again to fluff the fur. Do not use combs and brushes.

If your product is very wet, it should be immediately attributed to a professional fur cleaner so that the skins can be properly processed to prevent shrinkage.

A fur coat should be cleaned every year with a professional detergent, not a dry cleaner. Even if you don’t wear it often, animal fur collects dust, oils and odors. Professional cleaning will give wool shine and prevent confusion.

Off Season Storage.

The fur hates heat. This is not living hair, but skin and hair that can dry out, become stiff and cracked.

The optimum temperature for storing natural fur is considered to be about 7-10 degrees Celsius and 50 percent humidity. For this there are special storage. In the storages, the fur rooms are dark, which prevents discoloration. Insects that can harm cannot survive at this temperature.

Furs that are properly stored in hot weather can look great for up to fifty years or more.

If you decide not to use professional storage, keep the fur in the coolest closet and always in the dark. Often check the activity of insects, especially moths.



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