How to care for clothes made from natural fabrics.

  • 07 May 2019

How to care for clothes made from natural fabrics.

Clothing made from natural fibers can really serve for a long time, but only if we treat it correctly. Special care must be taken when washing these products, and each type of natural fiber requires special precautions.

Virtually all products made from natural fibers require a fabric softener, thus avoiding irritating peeling, that is, the formation of balls of fibers on the fabric. In general, the most important rule is to read the label, which almost certainly indicates the maximum temperatures that the fabric can withstand, and the recommended ironing parameters.

Washing clothes from natural fibers:


Cotton is the easiest to wash out of natural fibers. For white, you can use the highest temperature and can be bleached. However, when working with colored objects requires more attention. Obviously, they should not be bleached, and it is better to avoid temperatures above 60 ° C. In addition, cotton products can shed and it is important to separate light colors from dark ones. Do not wash together to avoid the transition of a dark dye to lighter ones, which will result in damage to the product. To save the color it is better to use special tools for colored clothes.


Particular care should be exercised with woolen garments, as they can cause great shrinkage when improperly washed. To avoid these incidents, wash these delicate items at a maximum temperature of 30-40 ° C, always choosing the delicate program of the washing machine and perform a short spin. Use the same temperature, even if washed by hand. It is important to turn the clothes inside out before washing so as not to damage the surface fibers. Also for drying there are the following rules: do not compress wool and put them for drying on a flat surface to avoid stretching under the weight of water.


Flax is a thin and very fresh fabric, perfect for summer. Its disadvantage is that it is easily crushed, but there are no problems with washing. Linen clothes can be soaked and washed in a washing machine using delicate programs for delicate fabrics. Bleaching should be avoided, and in the case of grease stains, it is best to treat them separately with special products before proceeding with the wash.


Silk is a delicate and valuable material that requires special attention and care. It is best to wash silk clothes by hand in cold water and without friction. If you want to use a washing machine, it is important to use a soft cycle, not exceeding 30 ° C. While drying silk products, it is better not to expose them to direct sunlight.



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