What you need to know about membrane tissues

  • 16 Mar 2019

On the Internet you can find any information about the chemical structure, history, stages of technological development and modern manufacturers of membrane tissues. We want to focus on their basic consumer properties. So, what you need to know:

Today, there are two directions in membrane materials:

Hard Shell - has high wind and waterproof properties but weakly removes moisture from the body.

Soft Shell - high windproof properties, well wicks moisture from the body, but low waterproof properties.

There is no completely waterproof membrane fabric with outflow of moisture; in any case, the membrane allows moisture to pass in two directions. A light rain rain jacket from Soft Shell will transfer calmly, but with a long rain you need to still have a raincoat. The key here is the water-repellent coating of the upper layer, which does not allow the fabric to get wet and retain its moisture wicking properties. For this purpose, a special DWR impregnation is applied on the top layer, which repels water.

As a result of improper care, the DWR coating is washed off and the top layer of the fabric becomes wet in the rain, moisture closes the pores and the fabric loses its properties due to moisture removal from the body. DWR impregnation can be applied again to a clean cloth from an aerosol can.

Wash products from membrane fabrics can not be in the washing machine, you can not use washing powders with bleach and other aggressive substances, you can not use machine spin, because it destroys the membrane, you can not use dry cleaning, you can not iron. Even using a special tool to wash in the washing machine is still impossible. Only hand wash and special products, which should be written on their packaging.

Dry either suspended on a hanger or in a horizontal position. DWR impregnation from an aerosol can can be re-applied to a clean product.

And most importantly, you need to remember that in clothes with a membrane you will feel comfortable only if you use it with materials with similar properties. If you wear a knitted t-shirt, a wool sweater, and a jacket with membrane fabric on top, then under load the body will still be wet from poorly excreted moisture.

The right combination of clothes - thermal underwear + a jumper made of fleece or windblock + membrane jacket.

Good luck to everyone, always feel comfortable!


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