Sewing clothing covers

Tailoring covers for our wholesale partners.

Hello friends!

We started producing clothing covers in 2003! We offer our wholesale partners a range of covers "Economy", with all kinds of branding options, various models of covers "Premium" of different materials with multi-color printing on fabric, portlets and bags for clothes, covers and bags for shoes and sports accessories.

Covers "Economy"

These are covers from breathable spunbond fabric for clothes, hats and shoes with your company logo. They are designed for packing clothes for sale and for storing clothes in the off-season period, as they perfectly protect clothes from moths and dust, they allow air well, which is very important for storing fur and leather products and products made from natural materials.

"Premium" Covers

These are presentable covers for expensive brands, which themselves are an expensive accessory, emphasizing the status of your clothes. They are made of various materials with the application of any pattern on the fabric. They are used as a status package for clothing when sold, perfectly protect from the external environment, but are not recommended for long-term storage of clothes made of leather, fur and natural materials.

Portpeds and bags for clothes

We produce school bags and garment bags for schoolchildren, for dance groups that can be used on trips to concerts and competitions, portpads and garment bags for business trips. A large variety of cases, portpedov and bags for clothing from simple, inexpensive, to presentable expensive models.

We have developed standard models, classification of covers "Economy" can be found below in the specification, but also we can manufacture any model according to your samples. Premium cases and port covers can also be seen below in the gallery.


The application of a logo or pattern is possible on any material up to a full photographic quality print. Restriction - only covers from spunbond.

And nevertheless, it is better to see once than to hear seven times! :)) Visit our office, there is something to see here :))

Terms of order and delivery:

Minimum lot of covers from spunbond 100 units, from fabric 50 units. 

Prepayment 70 / 30%.

Prepayments for companies, non-residents of Ukraine - 100%.

Free delivery in Kiev for orders over 100 units.

Delivery to the regions by any postal service at the expense of the customer.

Delivery outside Ukraine at the expense of the Customer.

Specification. Standard models of covers "Economy":


Case Ч-1: Flat case for suits, medium and light clothing.

Case Ч-2: Case 10 centimeters wide for jackets, coats, light sheepskin coats.

Case Ч-3: Case extending to the bottom of 10-25 centimeters for wedding dresses, fur coats, bulky clothing.

Case Ч-4: For hats.

Case Ч-5: For shoes.

Sizes of standard covers:

Width - 61 cm.

Length - from 90 to 180 cm. With an interval of 5 cm.

The sizes of covers for footwear and headdresses are individual.

Gallery of our works:

Set of covers for gymnastic accessories.

Covers for the famous European brand.

Portfolio for Marrus for long products, folding threefold.

Portfolio with national symbols for long products, folding tripled.

Suit cover made of thick cotton.

A set of presentable covers with a side zipper of metal.

A thick cotton case for a famous European brand.